Knitting, running, archaeology and bags

It’s been a year….

since I learned to knit, crochet and ran my first 5k. Progress? Well…

  • knitting – lots – am now officially addicted to socks and soon won’t be able to climb into bed for all the stash
  • running – hmmm – ran a very slow 10k in March, had a non-running-related injury over the summer, pulled out of two 10ks, 1 half-marathon and one ten-miler, been rejected from the London Marathon, got into the Edinburgh Marathon and haven’t run since November. Mixed I’d say.  The snow has been and gone and is back again, in tune with my seemingly ever-present cold that seems to wax and wane with the weather. I wonder if looking out of the window at runners counts?

On the good side, I’ve got more work doing teaching plans for archaeology-related buried treasure, hooray!

Given the varied progress listed above, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to achieve next year. So here goes:

  • knitting – stop buying stash and knit it up. Knit at least one Cookie A. sock. – this one.  Learn toe-up. Knit more shawls and garments. Take better stash and project pictures.
  • running – do some! In honour of this aim I have signed up for Janathon – exercising and blogging every day in January. Might get some Garmin gadgetry, though I’m not sure yet.  Also read and follow the advice about keeping bug-free in the winter, which I’m sure will involve eating more fresh veg and other healthy things.  Qualify as a coach.
  • digging – more community archaeology, write my dissertation,  and dig more.
  • other stuff – learn how to use all the things on WordPress, for a start.
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