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Things I have been Up To …

on August 29, 2011

It’s that time of year again – digging season! I did a few days at Copped Hall, in Essex. We found a wall, and generally added to the confusion. It was good to be digging again, though tiring and I wasn’t able to do as much as I would like to. Here is a picture of the wall, such as it is. We were excavating around the foundations, not the bricks, looking for a robbing cut, a construction cut and evidence for the building sequence. Opinions differ on what we actually found …. It will take a while to resolve the site, if it is possible! The drawn plans are helpful to a certain point but don’t really help with the earlier house layout.

Aren't foundations lovely ...
No, it’s not the brick one

Aside from the digging I have been mostly knitting, and trying to run and failing. I just keep having low-level naggy things that prevent me from going out. Hopefully I’ll get better soon!

One of the knitting things I have been doing is watching video podcasts. Each podcast is very different, although all have mainly knitting/spinning/crochet content.  So far I’ve watched Round the Twist, The Knit Girlls, Complex Texture, Yarnivore and Twisted Strands. 

Well, it’s been a while since I started drafting this post, so I’ll put it up and follow shortly with a new one!

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