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Procrastinating, again …

Hmmm, it’s been a few months and I have no excuses apart from procrastination. Have been for a run a few times but still resisting, even though I know I enjoy it. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this I have bought a book ‘ The Procrastination Equation’ by Dr Piers Steel. He’s a leading researcher on this so it’s a bit more sciency than a self-help book. What I’ve read so far is very interesting, although of course I’ve been doing other things instead of reading it! Apparently a major personality trait is impulsiveness. Oh yes! Shiny new things keep intruding on my notice so I’ll play with those in preference to getting down to essay writing or whatever else needs attention.

As far as the knitting goes I’ve been knitting mostly socks and a shawl. The number of works in progress is increasing, and I keep buying new needles to cast on those projects I must do right now. At the moment I have five pairs of socks in progress, a shawl, two scarves and a cardigan. The latest finished project are these socks

SKA March 2011 Mock

Another yarn-related thing I have had a go at is dyeing. Mum visited in February and we had a go at Kool Aid Dyeing. It was fun and straightforward, using the microwave and the details from Star Athena’s Keep on Knitting in the Free World tutorial .

Kool Aid Dyed Yarn


Dyeing in progress

I am not entirely happy with the results, so I might over dye these with some of the remaining Kool Aid, after swatching to see how they knit up. The one on the left is ‘summer pudding’ and on the right my mum’s ‘Rote Grutze’. I just poured the colour on, mum tie-dyed hers.

After this, I went to a dyeing workshop, held by Alice Yu of Socktopus. It was great fun and I learned a lot, and I much prefer these colours


All of these things of course taking my time and attention away from what I should be doing, which is finishing my MA. Luckily I’m not the only 4th year student so we are working things through together. The school digging project has now ended so I don’t have any more work lined up, although I plan to do some digging over the summer.