Knitting, running, archaeology and bags


on November 19, 2010

yes, that’s me! World-class, in fact. So in an effort to get over this I’ve decided to start a blog, mainly as a way to get me out of the door and running. I have spent far too much time looking at running magazines and training plans and nowhere near enough time training, and I have a marathon to run in May 2011 so I’d best get started. It seems like there’s plenty of time, but it’s just over six months away. The aim to start with is to run four times a week, with a longer run on Sundays and to try to get some core work in too.

Times run this week: 2 (Tuesday and Thursday)

Distance run: 2 x 22 minute sessions

As well as running I love to knit and dabble in community archaeology so I’ll be writing about those too. And posting photos, which hopefully will encourage me to try to take better ones.

One response to “Arch-procrastinator

  1. Best wishes for success with your blog!

    Knitting and community archaeology — looking forward to hearing more.

    Happy Holidays!

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